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The Lunalilo Scholarship Project has touched many lives. Listen to some of our scholars as they tell their stories.


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Can An Educational Scholarship Truly Transform A Life?

Jennifer Wong-Ala is studying global environmental sciences at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Just two years ago, Jennifer worked a minimum wage job and faced vanishing dreams of going to college. Jennifer aspired to become a doctor and studied hard to earn a spot on Kailua High School’s honor roll, but had no financial means to pursue her dream. Her high school counselor encouraged her to enroll in Kapi`olani Community College with the help of a King William Charles Lunalilo Scholarship.

Supported by a unique team of counselors, teachers, and financial aid advisors, Jennifer completed her first year at KCC, and knew she needed more. She continued at UH, with amazing opportunities that led her to Costa Rica, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. to present research on marine bacterium and stream ecology. She is a friendly face at KCC ready to help other students in the Lunalilo Scholarship Project as a Peer Mentor. Well on her way to a new career path, Jennifer’s journey is far from over, but her new life has begun.


“ The Kaneda Foundation and Lunalilo Scholarship Project have really made a difference in my undergraduate career and have inspired me to work harder in building the next generation of educators while opening doors on my own to others in need. ”

LSP Student

“ With this scholarship, I am a step closer to paying for my dream school, and my family has more peace of mind. I am honored to become a part of this fortunate group of individuals. The generosity of the Kaneda Foundation is allowing me to study a field I am truly passionate about. ”

LSP Student


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  • Thanks to The Kaneta Foundation and Lunalilo Scholarship Project, I have the ability to focus on my education without worrying about finances. I know that someone is invested in me continuing my dreams.

    LSP Student
  • I am grateful for my scholarship because I would not be at the University of Hawaii without it. I love the relationships I have built, the experiences I have gained, and the opportunities I have been given here.

    LSP Student
  • “ I cannot express how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of the Lunalilo Scholarship. I hope one day to be able to do what your organization has done. Give one of the greatest gifts possible, the gift of education. ”

  • “ Without receiving the Lunalilo Scholarship Project, I would not be at the Unive‚Äčrsity of Hawaii. I am thankful for the blessed opportunity I received in obtaining this scholarship; it gave me a chance to ultimately pursue the career of my dreams. ”

  • “ Without The Kaneta Foundation I would not be where I am today. I never would have had the opportunity to meet all of my great friends, or the faculty and staff who are genuinely thrilled to help and watch me grow and progress as an individual. ”